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Mt Nicholson Adventure Hike

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Full details to follow

Service Description

Our Mt Nicholson Hike & Scramble is a cool journey through the hills overlooking Aberdeen and Deep Water bay. It will be a mix of trail and off-trail which will include some scrambling. The scrambling is an easy grade, but for those concerned there is a bi-pass if not feeling adventurous. From the peak of Mt Nicholson we have 2 options which we will decide on the night. Descend the ridge of Mt Nicholson and check out some old war caves or work our way down into the valley of DeepWater Bay to pick up a stream to scramble to finish at the top of Repulse Bay Road.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please see the event/activity description for any special terms and conditions when booking. Some special events have different policies. In general, for HKOutsider community activities we would appreciate 24Hrs notice if unable to attend and we do understand plans change at the last minute, but if you repetitively cancel or no show, It will affect your standing in the community and your ability to book upcoming activities. If there is a fee attached to the activity we will offer you a credit which can be used for any future activities if given appropriate notice.

Contact Details

+852 9681 3350

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