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Brings together individuals to live happier healthier lives.


From leading and guiding activities within the HKOutsider community, we have seen first-hand the benefits of making adventure accessible to those who don’t naturally see themselves in an outdoor setting. We wanted to expand upon this and incorporate a more tangible approach to empowerment, self-belief, and overall well-being.


Engaging with nature and adventurous pursuits has proven benefits in improving symptoms of depression and anxiety, improved self-sufficiency, confidence, and interpersonal skills. We use adventure therapy, guided activities, and counselling to help those who suffer from mental health-related illnesses.

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Through the HKOutsider Foundation’s corporate programs, we work directly with organizations to strengthen your team’s overall well-being and educate them on interacting with the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle.


From experiential learning, leadership training and outdoor activities to one-on-one guidance, we will help them take the steps to behavioural change and self-realization. Profits from our corporate programs are put back into the HKOutsider Foundation to support the community to live happier, healthier lives.

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