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HKOutsider is a community of outdoor enthusiasts; we organise community activities that include day&night off-trail Hikes, Coasteering, and Stream Trekking to make adventure accessible to all. We also arrange canyoning, rock climbing, and multi-discipline adventure days for community members looking for something a little more extreme. Our goal is to show people an alternative Hong Kong and empower them for the journey ahead. We want to challenge you to extend your comfort zone, overcome personal boundaries and improve well-being. Not to mention, have a great deal of fun and develop new friendships. 

We ask new members to do a beginner activity that we organise regularly, usually a scrambling hike or entry-level stream hike or coasteering. This is for us to get to know your experience, fitness, and skill level before inviting you on more technical activities that are appropriate for your experience. Not to worry, we organise events for all skill levels as long as you have some basic hiking experience. You can see what activities are available in our booking section. Anything with a beginner level will work for you and perhaps Intermediate depending on the activity. If you feel you have good experience, please reach out to us for a chat. Please understand, we are just looking out for you and the group's safety. By the way, our beginner hikes are still quite adventurous, and you are sure to have a great time, no matter your experience level.
As a community, we focus on bringing individuals together in a club format rather than an adventure business. The community is free to join; however, most of our regular activities require a fee. This helps fund our work as a Social Enterprise in the HKOutsider community and the broader Hong Kong community through the 
HKOutsider Foundation.

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