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Our mission is to inspire and educate the community to live happier, healthier lives through the outdoors while implementing solutions to combat the environmental crisis.


“To find a new path for yourself, embrace vulnerability, break down barriers, change your mindset and discover the authentic you.”


My inspiration to start this foundation came from my personal experiences with mental health and the environment.


Many years ago, I faced personal challenges stemming from depression and insecurity. Instead of dealing with them head-on, I was looking to escape, making poor choices until I was staring into the abyss.


It was hard to identify what shifted inside me, the loss of a loved one for which I was to blame. My children, whom I deeply love and care for, began to grow emotionally and physically distant from me. But I had to make a choice, the hard choice, the right choice. I had nowhere to go but up.


I started making better decisions and chose a more challenging path by breaking habits, good and bad, and looking to understand who I was.


I loved the outdoors and always wanted to interact with it on a deeper level. I decided to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my fear of heights, and embrace vulnerability and vertical adventure by learning how to climb.


This was the start of my transformation.


I started HKOutsider to build a community where others could use outdoor adventure to overcome various challenges in their lives and raise awareness about the environment.


It is such a rewarding feeling to see individuals literally take the jump to overcome a challenge they are facing, and at the same time, step back and realize how we interact with our environment. A close friend of mine, made me aware of the Climate Crisis, particularly single-use plastics. This has now become a topic very close to my heart that I advocate in my daily life.


My goal is to take this a step further with the HKOutsider Foundation. 

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Where does our foundation fit among the other institutions trying to improve the world?


We typically hear about two sectors, the public and the private. The private sector -- business -- is good at developing products and services, while the public sector -- government -- delivers solutions to all the people who need them.


In many cases, the private and public sectors meet people's needs, acting separately or together. But there are gaps, spaces where some people don't get what they need to live healthy, educated, and productive lives.


Things like government action and technology can be great, but we need more. We can all benefit from an education in changing behaviour and mindset so that we and generations to follow can enjoy our beautiful planet and live happy, healthy lives.

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From leading and guiding activities within the HKOutsider community, we have seen first-hand the benefits of making adventure accessible to those who don’t naturally see themselves in an outdoor setting. We wanted to expand upon this and incorporate a more tangible approach to empowerment, self-belief, and overall well-being.


Engaging with nature and adventurous pursuits has proven benefits in improving symptoms of depression and anxiety, improved self-sufficiency, confidence, and interpersonal skills.


Through the HKOutsider Foundation programs and workshops, we will use adventure therapy, guided activities, and counseling to help those who suffer from mental health-related illnesses.


Through the HKOutsider Foundation’s corporate programs, we work directly with organizations to strengthen your team’s overall wellbeing and educate them on interacting with the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle.


Through outdoor events, in-house events, virtual events, and keynote speakers we will connect with individuals in your organization in a unique and interactive way. From adventure learning, leadership training, outdoor activities to one-on-one guidance,we will help them take the steps to behavioral change and self-realization.

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Click below to learn the facts about mental health and the climate crisis at hand.