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Roland Sharman

Founder & CEO

A passionate outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist, Roland has spent many years exploring the unique diversity of landscape only Hong Kong has to offer.


Facing personal challenges and looking for a new direction in life, he confronted his fear of heights by venturing into the world of vertical adventure and in doing so became an avid climber and canyoneer.


After seeing the benefits first hand of challenging oneself in an outdoor environment, Roland founded HKOutsider with a view to help others pursue their own personal development. Whether inspiring people to get fitter, build friendships across cultures or overcome personal boundaries, he has created a community based platform in the truest sense of the word.


Applying these skills and developing new partnerships in the outdoor community, he went on to discover new challenges off the beaten track, uncovering the true hidden beauty of Hong Kong. These multi-discipline adventures became the foundations of HKOutsider.


Through developing this community, Roland advocates for change in our own behavior.

Be conscious of others.

How to be a leader AND a team player.

Be aware of the Climate Crisis and our impact on the environment.


These core values balance life with self development whilst adopting a mindset of what you can do for others, an attitude that becomes ever more prevalent in the world we live in today.

These shared experiences in appreciation of what’s outside our own doors and walls are what HKOutsider is all about.

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Roland Sharman
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Derek Grant

Director - Community Operations

Originating from Northern California, Derek grew up in the endless wilderness of the American outdoors. Climbing, Camping, Whitewater Kayaking, and Alpine Mountaineering played a significant role in his upbringing. He has traveled extensively and lived the world over, all the while pursuing his passion for adventure. Arriving in Hong Kong this is where his outdoor endeavours turned into true lifestyle, exploring the coastline, country parks and trails of Hong Kong.


As a Technology Executive, Derek struggled to balance time between the desk, city life and the outdoors. This is where he feels the most alive, and his involvement with HKOutsider connects him to a community to share his passion and have the rewarding experience of  helping people break through personal barriers and truly feel alive.


Considering his experience and skill base, Derek is well placed as one of our primary activity leaders and alongside Roland, is responsible for shaping the HKOutsider community.

Derek Grant
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Yamilette Cano

Director - Communications

Yamilette is head of communications at HKOutsider. Born and raised in Mexico, she brings her diverse background to the team. Ballerina, speaker, coach, and communication extraordinaire, her goal is to help people communicate and build confidence through various channels. She works with the HKOutsider team to help the community achieve these goals and overcome any hurdles along the way.  


Her love for ballet has transferred into a love for adventure and the outdoors making her the most graceful adventurer on any trail that she conquers.  

Yamilette is your go-to for any media, press, or event-related matters.  Contact her at

Yamilette Cano
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Levi Garcia

Senior Manager - Outdoor Operations

Levi is a passionate Educator, motivator and community organiser. His love for people and the outdoors makes him an  invaluable leader. His greatest desire is to help others step outside of their comfort zones and achieve their goals.


Living in Hong Kong has enabled him to explore new outdoor activities such as rock climbing, coasteering, trail running, canyoning and stream hiking. He loves being able to share his knowledge and experience with others. When he is not enjoying the Hong Kong landscape you can find him crafting and telling stories to his friends.

Levi Garcia
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