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Alex Galbraith

Alex is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and has a passion for exploring the outdoors. He discovered this passion hiking in the Smoky and the Rocky Mountains growing up. Before moving to Hong Kong, he spent his time backpacking and rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest.
Alex is an avid climber and can often be found sport climbing at the local Hong Kong climbing crags. Alongside Levi, Alex will run the climbing program for HKOutsider. He loves coaching others on how to climb and helping others overcome their fear of heights. There’s so much to explore in the Hong Kong outdoors, and he can’t wait to share it with you.

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Gabriel Perez

Gabe, a Southern Californian raised in the foothills of Los Ángeles is no stranger to the outdoors. From an early age hiking and climbing around his home town to traveling around the World tackling more complex trails and mountains. Gabe has gained extensive invaluable experience on his travels and needless to say is a welcome addition to the leadership team at HKOutsider.


After arriving in Hong Kong and working in the energetic F&B industry he quickly found himself struggling to find the right work life balance. Discovering our community and its varying activities which can be as short as a two hour night hike enabled him to find his outlet and passion for the outdoors once again. Gabe appreciates the camaraderie in the community with others from different walks of life and if you are lucky enough to find him guiding the group, he is quite the charming entertainer.

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Joel Kam

Joel is our gentleman guide within the HKOutsider community. Originally from Australia, he has been based in Hong Kong for the last 7 Years. As a young and avid adventurer, Joel brings plenty of positive energy which he shares with those around him. Besides his love of the great outdoors, he joined the HKOutsider leadership team as a means of helping others. 


Joel sees HKOutsider as a family and as a means of giving back to the community, encouraging participants to find happiness in exploring the beauty of Hong Kong's natural wilderness and assisting them in overcoming various challenges. He is known in the community for his caring attitude towards others and you will likely find him at the back of the pack making sure everyone is ok.