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Ben Woo

Ben, a native of Hong Kong, is the Founder and Head Coach of Wilderness Explore and one of our key partners in bringing the HKOutsider community a curated outdoor experience.


Ben has been exploring Hong Kong all his life and has many years experience as an instructor teaching Climbing, Diving and Wilderness skills with certificates from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and Wilderness Medical Association International (WMAI). He can often be found at Hong Kong's Climbing mecca of Tung Lung Chau teaching people to climb and abseil and has recently created Hong Kong's most secure Zip Line and Tyrolean traverse located on the Island.

Ben Woo
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iurgi /juːɡɪ/, Has one of the most popular online resources for outdoor adventures in Hong Kong hkoutdooradventures You can find maps, directions and highlights on most of the 'off the beaten track' routes around Hong Kong. There is also an abundant amount of information on gear, maintenance, shops and skills. We would like to highlight, there are inherent dangers out there and you should always go with an experienced guide. Iurgi highlights the various dangers and we suggest you take note.


Originally from the Basque Country, Iurgi has been living in Hong Kong since 2004. He was addicted to the outdoors after he hiked to the top of Lion Rock on his very first day. Since then he has been exploring all around the territory, trail running, open water swimming and discovering some of the best Coasteering and Stream Trekking routes available.

A former lifeguard, swim coach, trail runner, long distance swimmer and certified personal trainer in Hong Kong, Iurgi has all the right credentials. He is the ultimate guide and ambassador for Hong Kong's outdoor playground. If you are lucky enough to get on his invite list, Go Go Go! You will certainly meet him if out and about with HKOutsider every now and again.

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