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Arianna Garcia

A voracious climber, Arianna loves bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing. Whenever there's an opportunity to climb something, she's up and over it before you can ask how. She loves bringing people together by being a listening ear and an encouraging supporter, leaning into the community aspect of the great outdoors.


Her background in outdoor activities began as a girl scout in Southern California. It continued even after she quit because it was boring compared to what her brothers got to do in Boy Scouts.


She's been on a quest to out-adventure them all with disciplines in climbing, diving, hiking, kayaking, and many more.


Ari is creative at heart, so you'll most likely find her taking sneaky photos on most HKOutsider activities.

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Cindy Ng

Cindy is a local Hong Kong girl, although having spent some time being educated in Canada. Through her childhood she would refer to herself as a ‘bench kid’. Someone who never gets involved with physical activity. However in later years back in Hong Kong she discovered her passion for the outdoors through exploring its country parks and hiking trails. A chance encounter one night on the trails with Roland became the start of her HKOutsider journey.  


Cindy is great at organising and is responsible for coordinating most HKOutsider activities as well as guiding, she is an invaluable part of our team and a big testament to what our community is all about. Initially she was quite hesitant to join our activities, fearing it would be too adventurous and challenging, but discovered much to the contrary. Surrounded by people sharing the same passion from varying fitness and experience levels who encouraged her to push boundaries and achieve new personal goals.

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John McKenzie

John, originally from the great American plains of Kansas, fell in love with the freedom of the hills, taking summer road trips in the nearby Rocky Mountains.  The serenity and sanctuary of nature have led him worldwide in search of new challenges and adventures.
This passion eventually drew him to Hong Kong and, soon after, the HKOutsider community. He no longer had to choose between pursuing the outdoors and his career.
Whether it's introducing someone to the outdoors for the first time or sharing a new skill with an outdoor veteran, John loves sharing the transformative experience of the outdoors with the community. He finds it gratifying, if not more so when he sees others discover their unknown abilities than he does his own achievements.

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Laura Ayres

Laura’s appreciation for the outdoors started at a young age. Growing up in the countryside in the southwest of England, the wilderness was always accessible, and exploration was encouraged. She had the chance to gain instructor qualifications in many adventure sports during her time at university and has since travelled extensively worldwide, partaking in many expeditions in remote places.
Laura has loved living in Hong Kong for the last 12 years, working as a teacher, and is an avid netballer. Discovering HKOutsider and so much more of Hong Kong has been incredibly refreshing for Laura. It has fulfilled her need for adrenaline rushes and adventure.
She finds that getting to mix with such enthusiastic and inspiring people as part of the HKO community is a huge bonus. The social element of the community is delightful.

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Marie Ladusch

Marie is originally from Germany but has called Hong Kong her home for the past 7 years. After her first HKOutsider adventure with Roland, Marie got hooked and knew she had found her tribe where she belonged. A community that breathes the great outdoors supports each other and cares deeply about the environment.

Her love for the HKOutsider community is contagious, and her positive, caring nature will bring a smile to your face. Marie is known in the community for her vivacious spirit. With her caring nature, you will most likely find her at the back of the pack making sure everyone is having a good time.


If she is not scrambling along the coastlines of Hong Kong, you can find her crafting new innovative ideas as a Product Developer for a Sportwear brand.

Apart from practicing yoga, Marie loves to challenge herself to master various sports, from bouldering, squash, SUP, archery, to horse riding.

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Tatjana Crossley

Tatjana grew up in South Florida, where she was drawn to the water and sunshine. She’s always loved the outdoors but didn’t cultivate this passion until moving to San Francisco, where there was easy access to mountain trails and the beautiful Yosemite National Park. 


Tatjana LOVES ‘Star Parties’ (telescope events arranged at national parks or observatories where you can see the fantastic things in our galaxy). She will never forget the first time she saw Saturn’s rings atop Glacier Point, Yosemite. 


She also loves climbing and yoga, and the calm/focus these activities and hiking bring to the mind. 


As an architect, designer and educator, balance is essential. The outdoors and HKOutsider community provide this. The community is a great place to push past comfort zones with supportive members. Challenge yourself, and create bonds with others equally curious about the adventures we are so lucky exist in our proverbial backyard.

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James Robertson

James, who originally hails from Scotland, has been passionate about the outdoors since childhood and spent climbing trees, building treehouses and bonfires, as well as experiences coming through Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. 


Having been in Hong Kong for over ten years and working in sustainability, James spends most weekends outdoors and in nature, in or on the water sea kayaking, or looking for new adventures.

Since discovering HKO in 2021, James has quickly grown to love the group's community spirit and is excited to be more involved as a guide! He is keen to build his climbing skills, explore more of Hong Kong's great outdoors and find that next adrenaline rush!

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Lily Marriott

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lily grew up going camping, hiking and exploring the Hong Kong countryside, which led to a huge passion for all sports and outdoor activities. From volcanoes in the Congo to fourteeners in The Rockies, Lily loves being able to enjoy nature and share outdoor experiences with others.

Being 21, Lily hasn’t quite grown out of her youthful enthusiasm (does anyone?) and when she’s not in lectures, she’s chasing the next adrenaline rush, whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping or cliff jumping. Having spent almost all of her university years in Hong Kong because of covid, HKO provided a welcome refuge to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and simultaneously a way to step (or jump!)out of her comfort zone. 


Since joining HKOutsider, Lily has learned a lot about sustainability, outdoor skills, and Hong Kong in general. However, one of her biggest takeaways has to be meeting so many of the kind and interesting people that the HKO community attracts. As a new addition to the HKO team, she can’t wait to meet more of the HKO family.

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Matthew Owen

Born and raised in HK of English descent, Matt has lived in Hong Kong for eighteen years. He constantly climbed trees, mountain biked and explored forests as a child. While living in the UK, Matt was with the British Military, a PGL activity instructor, and a Duke of Edinburgh award winner.

Now back in Hong Kong, Matt works in education and entertainment and has a natural bias toward teaching, supporting, and helping others. Matt loves challenging himself mentally and physically in his downtime, exploring his personal limits off the beaten track in nature. A true HKOutsider!

He advocates for mental health, wellness, and mindfulness after struggling with his own personal challenges. Now, as a guide and member of the HKOutsider community, in his words, “I have found my tribe
with the HKOutsider community”.